The Secret Sauce of Recurring Revenue

Now I’m going to give you one single, solitary tip that is probably worth more than all the other advice I’ve given here about how to make recurring revenue.

And this applies whether you’re selling affiliate products or building your own subscription business.

It’s so simple and yet so profound, most people will miss it entirely.

They might think it’s silly. Or great. But in 5 minutes they’ll forget it and never use it.

And for that they will be poorer. Literally.

You – I’m hoping – will recognize the genius is this simple, innocent looking giant of an idea.


First, a clue…
When Mark Zuckerberg was building Facebook, he focused on one ultimate mission.


Because having one ultimate mission is the key to success.

It’s the power of focus.

If you think about how many priorities you have… family, friends, faith, fitness, financial, home, work, etc., you have a lot of priorities.

And each of these comes at the expense of the others.

Having a lone, singular mission isn’t a luxury, it’s the absolute pre-requisite to success.

Everything needs to align to that single mission, even those things that don’t at first seem to be a part of it.

You can make your friends and family co-conspirators in your mission. You can use your mission to get rid of the job you hate and repair the house you love, and so forth.

It’s all tied together.

Now then, here comes the diabolically simple, yet crucial piece of the puzzle…
… if you’re thinking your mission is to, “Deliver tremendous value to this particular group of terrific people known as your customers by delivering them benefits x, y and z” then you haven’t narrowed your mission down nearly enough.

Mind you, that’s a very nice start and you definitely want to keep that to guide your business decisions.

But we’ve got to ratchet it down even further, down to its bare-boned absolute cannot fail essence.

When it comes to recurring income, it could not be simpler.

That single mission that Mark Zuckerberg focused his entire team on to build Facebook into the giant it is today?

Was a number.

Just a number.

That’s it.

It was the number of users they wanted to get.

So simple. So elegant. And so effective.

You can carry this number with you everywhere.

You can share it with everyone.

You can make co-conspirators of everyone you know by simply sharing this number.

Whether you’re selling affiliate products or building your own residual program, decide on the number of subscribers you want.

You can do this by deciding how much you want to earn each month, and how many subscribers it will take to get that income.

Write that number down in 12 inch letters.

Post it in front of your desk, on the fridge and on your television set.

Heck, write it backwards on your forehead if you want, so you can see it in the mirror.

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